Jan Haasjes (Utrecht, 1981) is a passionate photographer, focussing on black and white portraits, nature and landscape photography. After a long cherished hobby he started following the basic schooling at the Fotovakschool - University of Applied Photography (Boxtel, The Netherlands) in 2011, followed up by the professional training for photography.

Jan Haasjes

Amongst all the photographs, this website exhibits 4 of his projects:

Tormented - The presence of the unseen
This project is an ode to those who suffer as a result of an invisible torment. You don't know, you don't see and you probably never will.

The portaited ones all have their stories, their torment. The one more clear and understandable and indirect visible than the other. From rheumatism, highly frequent migraine attacks to a lifetime of disruption from sexual abuse as a child.

Texel - The Beauty and the Human Interference
With the images of this project, Jan shows the richness and beauty of a very specific part of the Netherlands. However, it is a place severely destroyed by humans. How is it possible that we, an intelligent creature, are able to do something so terrible? Are we as intelligent as we think?

This project consists of a series of landscape photographs taken at the northern part of Texel (The Netherlands). The contrasting element in these environments is garbage. This project has not come to an end yet. Jan will return and continue capturing these two contrasting elements.

Flamenco dancer Mirjam Venhuizen
Jan is extremely fascinated by this Spanish genre, especially the guitar and dance are to his interest. Inspired by both guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel and dancer Sara Baras, Jan registered this enchanting Flamenco dance, performed by dancer Mirjam Venhuizen, in such a way that the portrait series depicts a combination of this graceful, powerful and emotional dance.

BraZZerie Abrona - The face behind the co-worker
During this project Jan Haasjes portrayed the co-workers of cafe-restaurant Brazzerie Abrona (De Meern, The Netherlands). He asked all of the portrayed ones what means the most to them / is the most important thing in their lives. Items as diverse as food processors and cuddling toys are depicted individually in each portrait.

This portrait series shows how people, who need extra care, find their happiness in exactly the same kind of objects (or in some cases pets) you, me or any other individual would.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact Jan via the Facebook or Instagram.